Michał Niewiadomski
The Energy Club
Justyna Piszczatowska

The Energy Club

The Energy Club is a space for discussing the most important issues of the broadly understood energy sector in three dimensions: administration and politics, business and science.

The formula of the meetings are exclusive off the record expert seminars with the participation of the most important ministers in the government responsible for energy, presidents of energy companies and representatives of the most important energy think tanks.

Club meetings take place from September 2020.

The discussions are in the form of physical meetings, so you can freely talk about the most important problems and challenges. Sessions lasting about 2 hours are held once a month in a closed formula. A few days before the meeting of the Energy Club, its members receive a substantive brief on the subject that will be discussed during the upcoming meeting.

After the meeting, a summary is prepared in accordance with the Chatham House principle, where the theses that were expressed during the discussion are presented without quoting specific people. Only Club members receive the summary.

The club is made up of a group of about 40 people involved in the energy transformation.